Fuel Clenz International



In addition to eliminating water’s presence from fuel, Fuel Clenz Formula R and Formula C have a range of immediate and long-term associative benefits.

The Benefits Of Using Fuel Clenz

  • Water is permanently dissolved in Carbon, Bio and Aviation fuels
  • Fuel quality is improved reducing consumption by 10%
  • Fuel Clenz Formula R becomes a natural anti-freeze when mixed with fuel, reducing the freezing temperature to -20°C
  • Reduced risk of freezing fuel and fuel lines in aviation fuel when applying Fuel Clenz, which then has a freeze curve of -59°C
  • Reduces harmful emissions by 50%
  • Diesel Bug (bacterial fungus) is cured and then prevented
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion of components
  • Overall engine performance is enhanced, cleansing filters and injectors
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Stabilizes Bio and Ethanol fuels
  • Stabilizes AdBlue mis-fueling


Proper application of Fuel Clenz Formula R or Formula C represents an Eco-friendly and pro-green approach to utilizing diesel or other fuels.

Given that fuel usage is not being replaced by alternative energy sources any time soon. As such, the cleaner, more efficient burn realized through the application of Fuel Clenz represents a veritable Eco-friendly and pro-green solution in a world still reliant upon internal combustion engines, compression ignition engines and power generators. The benefits of Fuel Clenz are realized without the need to purchase expensive additional machinery, scrubbers and/or filtration equipment.

Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, where any of our products are improperly handled, by way of spillage, leaking or otherwise, there is the potential that should our products come into contact with other liquids, soils or other materials, through damage, accident or-otherwise, that could have an adverse effect on the environment. So proper handling is required.