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Fuel Clenz

Fuel Clenz

A Unique fuel treatment that dissolves water in fuel permanently and provides significant emission reductions.
Fuel Clenz achieves these results without the need to add additional equipment, machinery or
filtration to existing infrastructure.

Fuel Clenz

Introducing Fuel Clenz

A new technology that permanently dissolves water in fuel,
no draining required.

Improves fuel performance

Improves fuel performance Treats and prevents diesel bug,
bacterial fungus and reduces maintenance and emission costs.

Fuel Clenz

Fuel Clenz

Fuel Clenz Specifically formulated for use in engines, fuel storage tanks,
machinery and equipment that use fuels such as Diesel, Gasoline,
Kerosene, Bio-Diesel, Ethanol (E85), etc.

Fuel Clenz

  • Do You Have A Fuel Contamination Problem?
  • Need To Increase The Life Of Fuel Storage Tanks?
  • Need To Increase Storage Tanks API Inspection Periods?
  • Need To Increase The Life Of Fuel Handling Equipment?
  • Need To Reduce Equipment And Machinery Emissions?
  • Need To Improve Fuel Performance And Save On Fuel Consumption?
  • Need To Prevent Diesel Bug And Bacterial Fungus Contamination?
  • Need to Reduce Maintenance Costs by Preventing Corrosion?

The solution is Fuel Clenz!

Fuel Cleanser – Water Eradicator

Created, Perfected and Licensed by the Scientific Team at Coval.

All fuel can become contaminated by Water, While being transferred from the refinery by Tanker Truck, Pipeline, Ship or Rail or from condensation when it’s being stored. Water collects inside the storage system and then gravitates to the bottom.

This water can cause major problems, as it provides the ideal conditions for fungi and bacteria to grow. Water needs to be removed from storage tanks and storage systems as soon as possible, before micro-organisms like algae and diesel bugs have a chance to spread and your fuel quality seriously deteriorates. Water left untreated can lead to interior rusting, pitting, cracks, or fissures on the bottom plate and shell which can result in leaks and breaches.

Traditionally, you may have had to look at solutions to physically drain off this water and clean the tank to remove accumulated sludge and rust.

But now, Fuel Clenz has a new and unique product, which is a more intelligent and effective way to solve water and sludge contamination problems.

Introducing Fuel Clenz Formula R and Formula C, a new technology that:

Permanently dissolves water in fuel, no draining required. Reduces harmful emissions by 50%, with greater fuel efficiency. Improves fuel performance, saving up to 10% on fuel consumption. Treats and prevents diesel bug and bacterial fungus. Formula R reduces the freezing point of diesel fuel to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) and Formula C reduces the freezing point of Diesel fuel to -52.6 Fahrenheit (-47 degrees Celsius). Reduces maintenance costs by preventing rusting and corrosion in fuel systems.

Fuel Clenz Definition

Fuel Clenz achieves what other products can’t, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption by 10% and cutting emissions by 50%. Fuel Clenz is a Biocide Free surfactant that permanently dissolves water in fuel by breaking down the elements at molecular level and causing hydroxyl migration that bonds the hydrogen to the long chain carbon (fuel) eradicating the water content as we know it. This enhanced fuel, now without any water prevents corrosion or oxidization of engine parts, improves the fuel burn, reduce the emission significantly and results in better engine performance.


Fuel Clenz is a unique fuel treatment that dissolves water in fuel permanently. Thus eradicating the water, while continuing to target any further water added to the treated fuel. Once water is eliminated, the life of the engines, equipment or fuel oil storage tanks is increased as well as minimize the maintenance cost.

Fuel Clenz


Fuel Clenz Formula R and Formula C are proprietary biostatic surfactants formulated for fuels Diesel fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene, etc. that are impacted by water. The formulations are designed to effect a lasting break-down of water molecules in fuel, machinery, and equipment. As opposed to the destructive properties of fully constituted water that are harmful and incompatible with fuels. Another benefit of Fuel Clenz Formula R when added to Diesel fuel is it reduces the freezing point to -4 degrees fahrenheit (-20 degrees celsius). When Formula C, Fuel Clenz’s cold weather formula is added to Diesel fuel it further reduces the freezing point of Diesel fuel to -52.6 Fahrenheit (-47 degrees Celsius), which makes it ideal solution for fuel being stored and used, machinery and equipment operating in Canadian and American winter environments.

Fuel Clenz


With over 20 years of operational experience in industrial tank cleaning and maintenance, utilizing an array of chemical additives and treatments to facilitate our on-site commercial work, ChemKleen undertook to identify some of the most innovative chemical fuel additives from Europe and Asia that were not readily distributed in Canada and the United States of America. Given their superior operational results, from heightened fuel efficiency to the retention of greater structural integrity, combined with the associated cost-savings, ChemKleen have sought to take our real world experience to a larger customer base that previously lacked access to these unique chemical fuel additives. As such, with the exclusive license to produce and distribute these particular additives in Canada, the United States of America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Fuel Clenz was born with the mandate to bring new fuel efficiencies to all Canadians and Americans as well as Central and South America and the Caribbean.

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